Recognition of new breeds

The Kennel Club Board will consider an application for recognition of a breed once there are specimens of it resident in the UK.  In general, an application should consist of:

  • Names & addresses of UK owners/importers
  • Total number of dogs of the breed in the UK
  • Copies of pedigrees of UK dogs - at least 3 generations
  • Recognition status in the country of origin
  • Details of Registration body in country of origin
  • Breed Registration statistics in country of origin and other countries
  • Show entry statistics in country of origin and at international level
  • Details of any inherited conditions prevalent in the breed
  • If the breed has been crossbred, when the registry closed
  • Brief history of the breed & photographs
  • Breed Standard from country of origin and date of first internationally recognised  standard
  • For Working Breeds - details of activities.

Recognition of a breed allows registration on the Imported Breeds Register, although the breed would not be eligible for exhibition until such time as an Interim Breed Standard is published. This is not considered at the same time as recognition, as it is the Kennel Club's policy to allow the breed to develop slowly before show participation is permitted.

Breed recognition is at the discretion of the Kennel Club Board. The policy on the recognition of new breeds is currently under review and therefore additional information may be requested and further criteria may be introduced.

Please send completed application forms back to:

Caroline Hallett
The Kennel Club
1-5 Clarges St
London W1J 8AB



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