I'm looking for a puppy or dog

Buying a puppy

There are many important things to consider before you start looking to buy a dog - from finding out if you are ready, to discovering the right breed to suit your lifestyle. Also, do you want to buy a pedigree puppy or get a dog from a breed rescue? This section contains the information you need to find your new best friend.

Before you buy a puppy or dog

Are you ready for a dog?

Before looking to buy a dog, make sure you are ready. From expenses to grooming, training and general care, getting a puppy is a lifelong commitment.

Finding the right dog

Advice and help on how where to find dogs & puppies for sale in the UK as well as choosing the right pedigree or crossbreed dog for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Buying a flat faced (brachycephalic) puppy

If you're thinking of buying a flat-faced puppy, such as a French Bulldog, Pug or Bulldog, it's important that you find out about the health and welfare issues that impact on some of these dogs.

Finding the right breeder

When searching for a healthy pedigree puppy it is the breeder that is the most important consideration - here are some helpful tips on how to find the right one.

When you are ready to get a puppy or dog

General advice about caring for your new puppy or dog

This section includes extensive information to help you when you first bring your new puppy or dog home including socialisation, environment, feeding, walking and much more.

KC Insurance for owners

Invest in the best pet insurance and let Kennel Club Pet Insurance pick up the vet’s bills. Learn more.

Going away with your dog

A self-catering cottage holiday is a great way to escape the everyday and enjoy the freedom of doing what you want, when you want.

Search for Puppies with MyKC

If you are looking to find the right puppy for you - join MyKC now! MyKC is a new FREE service from the Kennel Club – giving you all the tools you need to help you find and bring home a happy, healthy puppy.

The Dog Owner's Handbook

This is your guide full of essential information and practical advice to help you train your puppy, such as house training, teaching basic commands, nutrition, behavioural management and much more.

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