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Health toolkits

Breed Health Improvement strategy guide
The Health Strategy Guide is a practical approach to developing, assessing, and monitoring a health plan specific to your breed. Every breed can benefit from a Health Improvement Strategy as a way to prevent health issues from developing, tackle a problem if it does arise, and assess the good practices already being undertaken.
Common problems encountered by BHCs and how to resolve them
This toolkit discusses the top 5 challenges and ways to manage them. This was discussed by Breed Health Co-ordinators who took part in the Breed Health Co-ordinator Symposium workshop (held on 18th September 2013).
Breed Health Surveys toolkit
This is a step by step guide to developing the right surveys for your breed. By carrying out good health surveys, you will be able to provide the evidence of how healthy your breed is and which areas, if any, require improvement.
Website content toolkit
The website content toolkit is a general guide on features that could be included on your website, to provide relevant information for breeders and owners about the health of your breed.
Website enhancement toolkit
This is a guide to create or enhance your website, which is one of the best platforms to promote and publicise the health and welfare of your breed. The toolkit includes some dos and don'ts, and information on how to build a website and the general design of your website.
Managing the arrival of a new DNA test
This toolkit will guide you through the necessary and recommended actions to take following the arrival of a new DNA test for your breed, including how to tell if the test is reliable, how a DNA test is made an official Kennel Club testing scheme, and where to find a list of DNA tests available for your breed and the laboratories that carry these out.

Breed Health Data

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