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Breed Health Co-ordinators and BHC Symposium

What is a Breed Health Co-ordinator?

Breed Health Co-ordinators are individuals working on behalf of breed clubs and councils who are advocates for the health and welfare of their chosen breed. The main role of the BHC is to facilitate, over time, the communication and collection of data on the health of their chosen breed. The BHC acts as a spokesperson on matters of health and will collaborate with the Kennel Club on any health concerns the breed may have.

How are Breed Health Co-ordinators appointed?

BHCs are chosen and appointed by breed clubs and councils. Candidates for the position are usually nominated and then chosen by a majority vote. Breeds with more than one club must have a majority agreement before informing the Kennel Club of the newly appointed individual. A BHC may be appointed for a variety of different reasons, including their breed knowledge or their skill sets.

The Kennel Club has designed a Breed Health Co-ordinator job description to give potential applicants a more in depth understanding of what qualities make an ideal Breed Health Co-ordinator. Please click here to see the job description.

BHC Mentor Scheme
This scheme is a unique opportunity to assist Breed Health Co-ordinators who require help and guidance within their role, especially those new to the position.

How to contact a Breed Health Co-ordinator?

If you have a health related questions concerning a particular breed, we recommend contacting the Breed Health Co-ordinator through the details provided below, or through your local Breed club (a list of which is available via the Breed Information Centre

Breed Health Co-ordinator contacts

Alternatively you can contact a Breed Health Coordinator by completing this form.

Resources for Breed Health Co-ordinators

The Kennel Club assist individuals within this role by offering them the tools and resources to help promote and improve the health of their breed where necessary.

Access to breed health reports

All breed health co-ordinators have access to bespoke KC breed health reports, free of charge.  (This includes the reports generated on DNA tests, as well as the Hip, Elbow, Eye and CM/SM Schemes.) If you wish to request any reports, then please e-mail

Assistance with publicising and promoting health surveys and research

The Kennel Club is in a unique position to help assist BHCs with the promotion of any ongoing health related research, whether it is a survey instigated by a breed club/ council, or an official research body. 

On your behalf the Kennel Club may be able to promote your study via:

If you would like the Kennel Club to help in any or all of these ways please e-mail