What is the Kennel Club doing to improve brachycephalic dog health?

Improving the health of brachycephalic dog breeds and any other breed with health concerns is the Kennel Club’s top priority. We are a not for profit organisation and have invested almost four million pounds in the last decade into research that will help to improve dog health.

It is estimated that around 70 percent of dogs in the UK are not registered with the Kennel Club and are therefore bred outside of the Kennel Club’s sphere of influence – and with physical exaggerations that are driven by fashion because it is perceived to look ‘cute’ – we work hard to inform people about the health problems that can come with this.

Funding scientific research to develop breeding tools
The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has so far placed £170,000 of funding into ground breaking research at the University of Cambridge helping us to understand more about brachycephalic breathing problems, including the brachycephalic breeds. Knowing more about these complicated issues will help us develop better treatments for affected dogs and ultimately create breeding resources to produce healthier puppies in the future.
Running a health scheme to help breeders
Our Respiratory Function Grading Scheme, developed alongside the University of Cambridge, helps breeders of French Bulldogs, Pugs and Bulldogs to lower the risk of producing puppies that grow up to develop breathing problems.
Providing information on brachycephalic health issues
Our brachycephalic health zone provides information to owners, breeders and puppy buyers on the health issues that may affect some brachycephalic dogs. Issues covered include breathing problems, eye problems, skin issues, spinal problems and birthing issues.
Raising awareness online
Our free and easily accessible film focusing on Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Pugs examines the signs of brachycephalic breathing problems, factors that can make the condition worse and the latest research being carried out. 
Funding scientific research to improve our knowledge 
The Kennel Club Charitable Trust is partially funding vital research at the Royal Veterinary College looking into the prevalence of health and welfare issues in a number of different breeds, including the Bulldog, Pugs and French Bulldog. The Veterinary Companion Animal Surveillance System (VetCompass) investigates the range and frequency of companion animal health problems by using data stored in individual computerised veterinary practice management systems..
Brachycephalic Working Group
We lead a Brachycephalic Breeds Working Group made up of representatives from breed clubs, academic bodies, veterinary associations and animal welfare organisations. The group recently outlined an approach on how to improve brachycephalic dog health and also issued an open letter urging UK companies to stop using brachycephalic dog breeds in advertising and marketing campaigns, as there is no doubt that increasing popularity in these breeds is creating excessive demand.
Breed Watch Illustrated Guide
This new booklet, designed to help dog show judges, and breeders, highlights and explains how exaggerated physical features (such as excessive wrinkles or narrow nostrils) can affect a dog and lead to welfare concerns.
Reviewing breed standards
The Breed Standards, which describe a breed’s ideal characteristics, temperament and physical features, were reviewed in 2009, with the input of veterinarians, to make it absolutely clear that physical exaggerations that are in any way to the detriment of health are not acceptable. The Kennel Club’s Breed Standards and Conformation sub-group, which consists of vets, breed experts and scientists, will consider scientific evidence, such as the findings from the University of Cambridge research, in any review of the Breed Standards for Brachycephalic breeds..
Plans for a healthier future with our BHCPs project
Our Breed Health and Conservation Plans (BHCP) is an ongoing research project that identifies each breed’s health issues and provides an action plan on how to improve health. Brachycephalic breeds are amongst the first breeds to participate in this project and to get a completed BHCP report, which includes an action plan agreed by breed club representatives, to ensure that breeders are supported in tackling health problems and achieving positive health goals. Through this process we have identified some knowledge gaps and are investigating the possibility of supporting research to answer these questions..
Improving dog show judges education
The Kennel Club raises awareness of dog health to dog show judges through training days and an online resource known as Breed Watch. Breed Watch helps judges reward healthy dogs by alerting them to, and monitoring, features that may suggest, or lead to, health concerns. We also have vet checks at championship dog shows for all breeds identified as having health problems related to exaggerated features
Educating puppy buyers and owners
Puppy buyers thinking of buying a flat faced dog breed can find helpful advice and resources here.
Mate Select
Our free online Mate Select website pages allow breeders to select dogs that will produce the healthiest puppies possible, and have the best impact on the long term genetic diversity and health of the breed. Our team of scientists continually analyse pedigree and health data to produce new resources and information that will help breeders to breed healthy puppies.


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