Illustration of Pharaoh Hound

Venerated by the ruling dynasty of Egypt, the Pharaoh Hound can be seen on their ancient Egyptian tombs. Indeed mummified dogs found in the tombs bear a remarkable resemblance to the modern Pharaoh. The breed was, however, native to Malta where he was used for hunting rabbits. It is thought Phoenician sailors took dogs with them on their travels and reached Egypt where he gained his nomenclature. The Pharaoh hound is relatively new to the UK appearing here in the 1970s.

The Hound Breed Group

Breeds originally used for hunting either by scent or by sight. The scent hounds include the Beagle and Bloodhound and the sight hounds such breeds as the Whippet and Greyhound. Many of them enjoy a significant amount of exercise and can be described as dignified, aloof but trustworthy companions.

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