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Illustration of Dandie Dinmont Terrier

The breed was developed in the border Counties and Scotland and gained its present name after the publication of Sir Walter Scott's novel “Guy Mannering”. In the novel Scott modelled the character Dandie Dinmont on a neighbouring farmer who owned terriers which were called Pepper and Mustard.

Local readers of the novel recognised the farmer James Davidson and teased him with the nickname Dandie Dinmont and from that the terriers and all similar to them took their name. Furthermore, the colour of Davidson's terriers Mustard (sandy/brown) and Pepper (blue/grey) became the accepted descriptions of the recognised colours of the breed.

The unique features of the breed; the weasel like body and curving topline, its coat with silky topknot, and its large expressive eyes have made it increasingly popular in recent years, aided by its wonderful character.

In February 2015 the Duke of Buccleuch, (who is chief of Clan Scott) gave his blessing for the breed to adopt the Black and White (private) Sir Walter Scott tartan, making the Dandie Dinmont the only breed with permission to wear an official Scottish Clan Tartan.

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Vulnerable Native Breed
How much exercise?
Up to 1 hour per day
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More than once a week
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Small House
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Over 12 Years

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