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Estrela Mountain Dog


Illustration of Estrela Mountain Dog

The mountain range known as the Serra da Estrela, in central Portugal, was the region where the breed was developed as a flock guard and he can work on the summits 2000 feet above sea level or on the parched summer lowlands.

Strongly built, it is thought that there is some mastiff influence in their background. Intensely loyal to his owner, the Estrela is an excellent guard dog not only of livestock but of his owner and his territory. The neatly folded back ears and a hook to the tip of the tail are breed features.

The Pastoral Breed Group

The Pastoral Group consists of herding dogs that are associated with working cattle, sheep, reindeer and other cloven footed animals.

Usually this type of dog has a weatherproof double coat to protect it from the elements when working in severe conditions. Breeds such as the Collie family, Old English Sheepdogs and Samoyeds who have been herding reindeer for centuries are but a few included in this group.

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