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Pyrenean Mastiff (Imp)


Illustration of Pyrenean Mastiff (Imp)

The Pyrenean Mastiff was once known as the Navarra Mastiff as it was developed in the Pyrenean region between Aragon and Navarra. The breed is of the Molosser family and has always been used as a flock guardian, protecting their herds from predators such as the wolf and bear. To give it some protection in its work, the Pyrenean Mastiff would often wear a heavy spiked collar to protect its neck and throat from assailants.

Like all of the Mollosoid breeds, the Pyrenean Mastiff is large and powerful. Ideal height for males is 81 cm (32 in) with bitches standing around 73.5 cm (29 in). He should be strong, rustic and powerful, with strong bone, deep chest and a large strong head and wide, deep muzzle. The strong neck is protected by loose skin and double dewlaps. The coat is thick, abundant and coarse in texture. The coat colours most frequently seen are white with gold, grey or badger markings on head, ears and neck. The main body colour should always be white. Sometimes colour may be found on the hindquarters.

The Pyrenean Mastiff is remarkably light on his feet for his size. The tail is carried low, and can curl at the tips and should never be carried above the level of the back. He is calm in temperament but can be aggressive when doing the job for which he was bred. Wonderfully loyal to his master and family he had adapted well to modern life and his role of guardian of the home.

The Working Breed Group

Over the centuries these dogs were selectively bred to become guards and search and rescue dogs. Arguably, the working group consists of some of the most heroic canines in the world, aiding humans in many walks of life, including the Boxer, Great Dane and St. Bernard. This group consists of the real specialists in their field who excel in their line of work.

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