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Russian Toy (Imp)


Illustration of Russian Toy (Imp)

A small, lively, active, square breed which comes in two coats, smooth and long haired, in colours of black & tan, blue & tan and red. The coat is not thick and should not obscure the body shape, ears are pricked with fringing.

They were bred originally as watch dog and ratter. They are very loyal to their family but are very willing to please, and as such are suitable to train for Agility and mini Obedience. The breed was popular in Russia in the early 1900s but declined and has only recently been revived.

A suitable breed for those with not much space but wanting a dog that needs and enjoys some exercise.

Breed Group
Vulnerable Native Breed
How much exercise?
Up to 1 hour per day
Length of coat
How much grooming?
Every day
Supposedly sheds? *
Town or Country
Type of home
Minimum Garden Size
Over 12 Years

* If you are asthmatic or have an allergy, you should consult your medical advisor before considering obtaining a dog. More information can also be found on the Kennel Club website.


  • Long Haired

The Toy Breed Group

The Toy breeds are small companion or lap dogs. Many of the Toy breeds were bred for this capacity although some have been placed into this category simply due to their size. They should have friendly personalities and love attention. They do not need a large amount of exercise and some can be finicky eaters.

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