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Ibizan Hound - Category 1

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Currently no points of concern specific to this breed have been identified for special attention by judges, other than those covered routinely by the Kennel Club Breed Standard.

From 2014 all Championship Show judges of Category 1 Breeds have the opportunity to report on any visible conditions or exaggerations that they consider to be detrimental to the health and welfare of dogs. A short form is provided in the back of the judge’s book which is optional to the judge to complete.

If a specific concern is consistently reported the Kennel Club will engage in consultation with the Breed Club(s)/Council for input and if necessary add the concern to Breed Watch so that the issue can be monitored. (decision made via the Kennel Club Dog Health Group).

For further information on how judges can report visible conditions or exaggerations please download the Breed Watch FAQs.

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