Breed Rescue

Buying a dog
What to consider when buying a puppy or dog. Our simple guide takes you through the process, from what to ask your breeder to essential equipment.
Kennel Club Breed Rescue: supporting rescue dogs
The Kennel Club's breed rescue organisations rehome around 10,000 dogs each year and have supported rescue organisations for over 25 years.
German Shepherd Dogs In Scotland In Crisis
A German Shepherd Dog rescue charity in South Lanarkshire that has been struggling to cope with a combination of falling interest in the breed and increasing numbers of dogs needing its help, has been awarded a £6,000 grant from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.
Local Calendar Cover Star Heads To Crufts
The choosen cover star of the Kennel Club's Breed Rescue calendar for 2016 is heading to Crufts to promote rescue dogs. Read more.
Support Rescue Dogs With The 2017 Breed Rescue Calendar
Support rescue dogs by ordering the 2017 Kennel Club Breed Rescue calendar now. Click to learn more.
Is your breed rescue a cover star - Kennel Club launches 2020 Breed Rescue Calendar
The Kennel Club is launching its annual Kennel Club Charitable Trust Breed Rescue Calendar for 2020 and is asking for anyone who owns a breed rescue dog to submit a picture and reason why their dog deserves to feature on the 2020 calendar.
Kennel Club launches 2020 Breed Rescue calendar
The Kennel Club Breed Rescue calendar for 2020 is now available and features 12 amazing stories of dogs that have overcome the odds and are now settled into their new homes. The calendar will raise funds for the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, one of the largest charities dedicated to dog health and welfare in the UK, and is the perfect present for any dog lover at Christmas.
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