Pedigree Dogs

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A new dog will have a big impact on your life. Answer our questions to find out if you're ready for the responsibilities and realities of dog ownership.
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What to consider when buying a puppy or dog. Our simple guide takes you through the process, from what to ask your breeder to essential equipment.
Kennel Club Recognises The Portuguese Pointer
The number of pedigree dog breeds recognised in the UK has now risen to 212 as the Kennel Club accepts the Portuguese Pointer, only the second new breed to be recognised in the past five years.
Say bonjour to the UK’s newest pedigree dog – the Barbet
Number of pedigree dog breeds in the UK will rise to 220 as the Barbet, developed in France, gains official recognition and is set to wow the public at Crufts, the world’s greatest dog show, for the first time this year
Britain's newest pedigree dog breed revealed
The Black and Tan Coonhound, so named because it was originally bred to ‘trail and tree’ racoons, will become the 221st pedigree dog breed in the UK this July when it becomes recognised by the Kennel Club, the UK’s registry body for pedigree dogs.
Have a Go Dog Shows
Training days across the country will be hosted at Kennel Club licensed All Breed Championship shows. This is the perfect opportunity for someone new to the world of pedigree dogs to take part and understand what it takes to be involved in dog showing.
Study reveals powerful long-term impact of DNA tests on dog diseases
A new study has revealed that the number of pedigree dogs at risk of often painful and debilitating inherited diseases is being dramatically reduced by responsible breeders.
What is a pedigree dog?
A pedigree dog has two parents of the same breed and their family tree (their pedigree) is recorded by a registration body, such as us.
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